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Our Outstanding results make us the 1st choice for chiropractic care in the San Jose, CA.

Testimonial by Registered Nurse, Karen Thomas


Chiropractor San Jose

I really believe in this treatment and it has changed my life dramatically. Not only does it work fast, It feels amazing. A pain management product that solves the problem without pain is worth its weight in gold.

Testimonial by Ann Connal


"Hands Down, Spectrum Health Center is the best."

Good Samaritan Hospital ER Nurse Ann Connal explains how Spectrum Health Center gets to her knots like no one has before and marvels about their ability to open up the muscle groups and get the joints going in a way she has never before experienced, despite having used many health centers through the world.

Testimonial by Lieutenant Colonel Corbett


San Jose Chiropracor

Lieutenant Colonel Corbett Presents Commander's Coin to Spectrum Health Center

For your actions of excellence and the joy in which it was done, I present this Commander's Coin to you" "Giving a Commander's Coin is not just a gesture, and a coin is not a hollow memento. Coins have become an emblem of esprit-de-corps for military units. They are used to commemorate meaningful achievements.

Testimonial by Anosha Shokrpour - Senior UX Researcher at Groupon


Chiropractor San Jose CA

Dr. Michelle at Spectrum Health Center helped to relieve me of my discomfort almost immediately! My experience with Spectrum Health Center has completely changed my life. I am a much happier person than I was before starting treatment, and I think EVERYONE should take care of their spine just like they maintain anything else.

What Athletes Say About Us


Testimonial by UFC MMA Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez


Chiropractors San Jose

UFC MMA Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez Discusses Posture with Dr. Michelle Del Bene of Spectrum Health Center.

Cain comes has come to the doctor for his toughest injuries, and doesn't get back into the ring, without Dr. Michelle's OK!

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Here at Spectrum Health Center, we offer variety of chiropractic services some of which are listed bellow,

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